SIAE’s social projects 2014-2015

The Telethon Foundation, one of the main Italian charities, promotes biomedical research for the treatment of rare genetic diseases. SIAE helps support fundraising for the Foundation.
Solidarity Concert jazz not to forget and continue to work on the reconstruction of the city. The event was promoted by the Municipality of L'Aquila, MIBACT, I-Jazz, MIDJ, with the support of the SIAE and under the artistic direction of Paolo Fresu. The initiative involved 600 jazz musicians for 100 jazz concerts: marathon groups, soloists, marching band, students of both conservatories and music schools to draw attention to the city. The event raised more than 60,000presences.
Project created in collaboration between the SIAE and "A Roma Insieme" ONLUS, provided for the purchase of a bus for the inmates of Rebibbia so that they can perform the delivery and sale of the products grown in their own organic garden, laundry service with pick-up and delivery of the garments.

Project conceived by Franco Mussida and realized by CPM Music Institute, funded by SIAE and sponsored by the Ministry of Justice, operates under the patronage of the President of the Republic.The project is directed to the inmates of Monza, Secondigliano, Opera and Rebibbia for females and involves the use of music for pedagogic and rehabilitative purposes

All the details and the CO2 project developments are on the dedicated web site

The literary award, created with the contribution of the SIAE, with the endorsement of the President of the Republic and the sponsorship of the Department of Penitentiary Administration, the Ministry of Justice and Public Information Film. The Award is intended to inmates of Italian prisons, taking part in the initiative by sending short stories made with the support of Tutors.
Project organized by Silvia Ruotolo Onlus Foundation and supported by SIAE in collaboration with the Juvenile Penitentiary of Ariola (BN). On the assumption of cultural value and aggregation of art through a creative workshop of writing and staging, the project acts as an important step in the rehabilitation and social reintegration of young prisoners.
Project supported by SIAE and promoted by IRCCS Gaslini in Genoa,involves creating an audio archive with multimedia interactive systems that allow children to explore and play with the world of sounds. After the Gaslini in Genoa, the project will be implemented also in the eleven pediatric hospitals of AOPI Italian network.
Association founded by Dario D'Ambrosi with the objective of using the theatre as a therapeutic tool for mentally disabled children.The activities carried out by the children range from music to dance, from the interpretation to painting.The Association received a special award from the President of the Republic. The SIAE contribution supports projects of the Association.
The SIAE contribution supports the activities of the Academy of Daniela Alleruzzo show, which embraces different artistic disciplines such as dance, drama, dubbing, music and song. The goal is to offer a structure without architectural barriers conceived and designed for the integration and training to people with and without disabilities.
Project created to support the Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù, the Istituto Giannina Gaslini Paediatric Hospital Meyer helping small inpatient. Donations of SIAE devolved to support research were accompanied by the visit to hospitalized children by authors such as: Renato Zero in Rome, Gino Paoli in Genoa and Gianna Nannini in Florence.
Created thanks to the contribution of SIAE and under the patronage of the Republic Senate, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, ANCI, UPI and ANICA, the research and awareness initiative is aimed at the realization of a mapping of activities that use the show against discomfort in different contexts (psychological, physical, social ..) from prisons to communities and hospitals.The initiative, promoted and designed by the Italian Institute for the Cultural Industry, hasdeveloped through a national research activity and a workshop event vanguard, the Festival of Excellencies, whose key theme is the use of culture, art and entertainment to combat the discomfort in variouscontexts.
Multi-ethnic ensemble formed by boys, Romans and not, between 13 and 17 years. The aim of the project is to enhance through music the cultural diversity of the inhabitants of the popular district of Rome.Thanks to the SIAE contribution, it was possible to sustain the project by making the disk recording of the Orchestra.
Project realized thanks to the contribution of the SIAE and supported by the European Academy of Music and Visual Arts. In order to create a symphony orchestra, an experimental orchestral workshop of artistic quality, both educational and social was designed and intended for children and youth of the city of Naples.

Initiative of solidarity through the enhancement of musical repertoire in support of the merchants of Genoa and Chiavari affected by the flooding. SIAE has donated 600,000 euros to 96 retailers to receive an economic aid for the reopening of their activities. A fundamental part of the initiative is the site on which, on the map of the city of Genoa, it was possibleto hear, for the entire duration of the initiative, the 62 songs dedicated to Genoa or to Liguria that authors donated to support the economic recovery of the city and raise attention to such an important issue.

Soccer Event and entertainment which saw as protagonists, on the same night, the characters of films and television and the big names of sport: divided into two formations have given life to the first edition of ' the match of Champions-unique for Unicef’. The collection was donated to the fundraising campaign ' Children in danger ', promoted by the Italian Committee for Unicef, for which SIAE participated in a donation.
Benefit concert supported by SIAE in favour of the population affected by the earthquake in Emilia Romagna.For the occasion a concert was organized in Campovolo which was attended by all the greatest Italian singers and was completely free of charge. The funds raised through the sale of tickets were used for the reconstruction of schools.
Benefit concert supported by SIAE with a contribution to the reconstruction and the recovery of the activities of the Municipal Theatre damaged by the earthquake.For the reopening concert of the Teatro Comunale of Ferrara, all musicians waived their cachet.The funds raised through the sale of tickets were allocated to the restoration of the monuments affected by theearthquake.