SIAE’s social projects

The potential of art and creativity is endless, and for this reason SIAE’s mission finds its expression not only in supporting the new emerging performance realities, but also the use of creative means and repertoires in order to alleviate situations of hardship and help in emergency situations of a social, economic or health kind. In this section we want to present all the social projects that the Society of Authors and Publishers carries out on the Italian territory every year.

Past projects Archive 2014-2015.



The activities of the Academy of Entertainment Association "Art in the Heart" embraces different artistic disciplines: dance, drama, dubbing, music and singing. The goal is to offer a structure without architectural barriers, conceived  and designed for integration and education to people with and without disabilities.



The Association of "Pathological Theatre" was formed with the goal of using the theater as a therapeutic tool for children with mental disabilities. The activities ranging from music to dance, from acting to painting.

CO2 - Mussida PROJECT "CO2 - Mussida Project" is a three-year contribution for the inmates of Monza, Secondigliano, Milan and Rome. The project, which involves the use of music for educational purposes and rehabilitation, is conceived by Franco Mussida and realized by the CPM Music Institute; It is funded by SIAE, sponsored by the Ministry of Justice, and operates under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic.



The project "EMCA" is a public awareness campaign on the intellectual property in schools. The embodiment consists in the free distribution in different Institutes of Educational kit "We respect the creativity" and in the organization of meetings with young people.The initiative, organised in collaboration with AFI and IMAIE, has been supported since its inception by SIAE and enjoys the patronage of the Ministry ofEducation.



The project, made possible thanks to the SIAE contribution, is supported by the European Academy of Music and Performing Arts. To help preventing or overcoming the discomfort and early school leavers, creating positive energy, bringing out the human and social qualities present in every person: with these objectives was born in Naples the Symphonic Orchestra of the Spanish Quarter. An orchestral experimental laboratory with artistic, educational and social qualities that precisely in these days has obtained an important recognition with the inclusion in the national system of  children's choirs and orchestras of the Abreu system, a music teaching model which was conceived and promoted in Venezuela by the former culture minister Jose Antonio Abreu and which consists of  amethodof music education with free and open access for children of all walks of life.



Harvard World Model United Nations is the largest and most prestigious organized diplomatic process simulation for university students frequented by 2,500 students from 120 different countries. The simulation is organized by the Harvard University in a different location each year; in 2016 the city of Rome was chosen out of  20 different capitals which had submitted the nomination, including Paris, Rio de Joneiro and Cape Town.