SIAE for Culture and Entertainment (2014-2015)

Place of artistic convergence of international caliber, has the objective of encouraging and promote local jazz and to build a meeting point for musicians, producers and the public. The SIAE was intended for the reopening of the "House of Jazz" and "best composition" competition in which they were conferred three awards SIAE "Releasing Jazz"

Event organized by the Municipality of Florence, in collaboration with SIAE, to promote live music in Italy. A day to remember the importance of supporting live music and encourage new talents. In the occasion, the testing of the new tariff for songwriters under 31 was initiated by the Municipality of Florence.

Radio2 programme, represents a point of reference for all young authors and artists who want to have the ability to bring theirown music in a live dimension. SIAE supports new and emerging proposals projects hosted on the show. 

The Club Tenco was founded in Sanremo in 1974 by a group of enthusiasts to promote and support the song writing.
The Club operates on a non-profit basis and all managers and operators work without receiving any compensation.  In recent years, the contribution of SIAE has allowed the Club Tenco to exist. 

Important event dedicated to the new Italian independent music scene backed by SIAE. With the aim to promote and encourage the growth and spread of emerging and independent music culture, the MEI in Faenza is a space for concerts, festivals, shows, and exhibitions for those involved in the musical industry.

Franco-Italian festival dedicated to jazz and realized thanks to the SIAE contribution. The goal is to enhance the more established soloists, young talents and original productions. The SIAE prize for creativity, is intended for the best young author.

The Accademia Teatro alla Scala is recognized as one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the field of entertainmentLive with training activity focused in four departments: Music, Dance, Stage-workshops and Management. SIAE supports students in the Academy of Music and Dance departments with scholarships.

Universitary centre made up of the most prestigious schools in Milan, it is a national training institution of professionals in the entertainment and communication field within an international context. SIAE supports the training activity the Department of Music.

Unlike television talent shows dedicated to the interpreters, Genoa for You, realized with the help of the SIAE ,is the Italian talent show dedicated to the authors of songs. It provides workshops, stages, conferences and exhibitions. The winners of the section "Songs" and "Rap/Hip Hop" received an exclusive publishing contract lasting one year with the Universal Music Publishing-Casa Ricordi.

National music competition for song writers and emerging bands, organized by Controradio in partnership with the City of
Florence and Tuscany Region, for the first time in collaboration with SIAE. To the winner: participation in the so-called Rock Contest cd. 2015, digital distribution through Audioglobe, one year tutoring by the contest staff  and the chance to record your own cd at SAM - Recording Studios. In addition, the "Ernesto De Pascale" prize was awarded for the best song sung in Italian.

Italian jazz Festival which takes place in Perugia in July, Umbria Jazz is among the appointments for all lovers of the genre. Umbria Jazz Winter, winter version of the summer festival, however, takes place in Orvieto in December with five days of music, jazz, entertainment and shows. 

Charity musical Marathon organized by Casa del Jazz and by the Municipality of Rome and supported by SIAE. For the occasion, the bridge Armando Trovajoli of Rome became the stage of the evening where, in addition to the familiar names of jazz, young talentsof the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia ' and ' Saint Louis College of Music in Rome joined the performance. 

Italian music festival that draws on the creativity of the folk tradition, without boundaries and without gender criteria exclusion. Important reference point in the Italian music scene, SIAE contributes both to the implementation of the different
appointments to the conferment of the "Prize for the best music".


Workshop which aims to create three different booklets of operas lasting 25 minutes each. Each ‘corto’ develops an absolutely independent story, but their whole constitutes one full show which will be staged at the Teatro Eliseo in Rome.

National competition dedicated to the enhancement of new musical talent organized by the Arezzo Wave Foundation Italy.
Through the "SIAE Prize", the association gives a financial support to the best group registered with the Italian society of authors and publishers. 

Cultural event dedicated to the music and pianists which takes place in Milan. The two-day event, realized thanks to the contribution of SIAE, hosted concerts, workshops andpiano lessons offering musicians the opportunity to perform in unusual places (houses, courtyards, gardens ...) in front of a diverse audience. 

Awareness-raising campaign on intellectual property in schools through free distribution in different Institutes of Educational kit "We respect the creativity" and in the organization of meetings with young people. The initiative, organised in collaboration with the AFI and IMAIE, is sustained from its inception from the SIAE and enjoys the patronage of the Ministry of Education.

Award conceived by "The Society of Donida" to promote youth creativity in the musical field. Supported by SIAE, it draws the attention of artists from all over Italy to assign a scholarship to the CET Mogol and an publishing contract with Universal Music Publishing Srl. This year, in addition, the Winner song will be distributed in the form of a single, in all the major digital store and will have a professional promotion of at least 90 days and will be entered in the main portals of radio monitoring as EarOne and Radio Airplay.

National Choir of gospel music that was held in Piazza Duomo in Milan a concert with five hundred singers, international guests and the leading exponents of the genre. SIAE has contributed to the event.

Organized by the Cultural Association "Piero Ciampi" in Livorno, it is a national music contest that aims to promote the work of young talents who make research, creativity and planning the key point of their work in songwriting. SIAE supports the award with a contribution for the conduct of the event.

Three-year project that represents the will of the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers to revive contemporary classical music, modern authorial creative expression, but often penalized compared to that of the classical repertoire.A commission of probi viri commissioned a nationwide mapping " to identify the most deserving realities, evaluating their activities on the basis of quality criteria(open to young composers, attention to experimentation and not only to the incumbent music, contacts with foreign realities and not only Italian, enlarged activitieseven beyond the mere fact of concerts with meetings, workshops);quantity (eg number of concerts) and persistence(Having worked constantly for five years before the award).
The three types of subjects to which the twelveselected realitybelong are: ensemble with its own season of concerts, record companies and centers of electroacoustic production that are dedicated to the contemporary repertoire of cultured music.

Concert - event with which Luca Barbarossa, Roman singer and radio host of Rai Radio 2, accompanied by his Social Band,  celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Association "Libera" by Don Luigi Ciotti. The evening, which animated the Hall of the Auditorium in Rome on December 26,received contributions from SIAE and was full of music by master song writers and exceptional guests. The proceeds were donated to the charity Association.

Scholarships awarded by Pino Daniele Foundation for an educational training program in music(Masterclass, a conservatory degree). Requirements: under 35 years of age and have a first level degree academic Diplomaachieved in an Italian Conservatory or an equivalent international qualification achieved in a Music Academy.

Project promoted by SOS Musicians, Italian Association for the protection of music and musicians,which consists of a series of training sessions for operators of music schools, particularly with regards to economic aspects. Among these, also a Conference supported by SIAE on author’s right and the importance of the role and activities of the Italian society of authors and Publishers in the protection of the same.

Annual event held in Castrocaro Terme with emerging talents in the music industry. Since 1957 it has launched several new voices that, in the course of their career, have brought music and Italian song in the world.

Sponsored by the Petite Boutique, the concert "United for Roncaglia" was a charity event that featured the historic Nomadi band.The proceeds of the tickets were donated to the people of the flooded town of Piacenza. 

In the broader project of "Procida Routes ", Artethica proposes "Procida Island of Cinema" film festival managed byLibero de Rienzo concerning: the island, the prison and the sea.Three days of screenings in the former penitentiary of Palazzo
D'Avalos, in private houses open to the public and in other places on the island to raise public awareness, especially young people, on strong social impact issues.

Film Festival promoted by Italian film makers and authors ' associations with the aim of creating attention for quality cinema,  innovation, a research for expressiveness, independence.In line with the commitment to cinema, SIAE
also supports the review through two awards: "The emerging talent award" and the ""Innovation Award". " This year, the event was the conference "Site Venice: the season of the Italian Cinema", meeting aimed at confrontation on issues related to the world of cinematography.

The Experimental Cinematography Centre is constantly engaged in the innovation of research methods and teaching professions and trades related to the world of cinema. SIAE contributes to the activities of the Centre through the award of scholarships.

Celebratory event supported by SIAEabout the 80th anniversary of the the National Film Center, a well-established institute in  the didactics of Cinematographic Art.The Centre has an ongoing commitment to innovation in research methods and teaching professions and trades related to the world of cinema.


The Festival born under the patronage of the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate of the Republic and the Region of Sicily, for which  SIAE is the main sponsor, brings last season movie theater to Lampedusa with screenings, meetings and guests has chosen to support the event to offer entertainment, performances and culture.

Masters Degree in cinematography at the University Ca 'Foscari in Venice. SIAE contributes to the provision of scholarships.

The Awards represent  important acknowledgments to the most talented writers in the Italian cinematographic production awarded by the Davide di Donatello Institution from the Italian Film Academy. The contribution of SIAE is intended for the realization of the awarding  ceremony and, since 2015, has also established the "Young Author Award".

Film festival promoted by the Show Business Foundation and supported by SIAE which gives space to the most interesting titles and influence within the understanding of the other. In a sign of dialogue, the films represent different expressions of cultural and religious approaches, able to converge on a single track. 

Award for best original screenplay of fiction established by theTelevision Producers Association on the initiative of RAI and Mediaset. The award is addressed to young authors, invited to submit an original screenplay.SIAE confers the "Idea Award" ", a financial reward for the most distinguished and original screenplay. 


Promoted and organized by the Municipality of Sabaudia, it is presented as a series of screenings dedicated to the cinema, in particular to the Italian comedy.It is divided into three sections: "Competition", i.e. the best comedies of the season 2014/15, "Filming", historical review of bathing films that have marked the collective image and "Comparisons", moments of study and debate with the author. The Festival receives the contribution of SIAE.


Film Festival supported by the SIAE, autonomous and detached section of "Rome Film Festival" dedicated to the younger generations and families.The program offers thirteen works in the Young Adult Competition, three films outside the contest and four special events.For 2015, "Alice in the city" expands its program and becomes "Alice/Panorama": takes to the streets of Pigneto and, with the desire to make the film more accessible to the public, it created a real"district of cinema".

The Master, activated by the University Suor Orsola Benincasa, lays the foundations of a solid experience in training professionals in the communication within the University. The aim of the course is to train professionals for the film  industry.
SIAE issues scholarships.


The Festival is one of the major Italian showcases as regards the short films. In addition to the review, supported by SIAE, the festival also arranges  the delivery of awards such as "Grand Prix Capalbio", "Premio World of Maps and Ri / Generation Lab", "ADCI AwardsBest Creative Idea "," Reset Dialogues on Civilizations Award "," Award Junior Kids "and" Ragazzi Award ".

The Foundation is an Italian company engaged in the distribution, promotion and enhancement of the film culture.
Reference point for individuals, for institutions and for the industry, it works closely with all major cultural, artistic and industrial associations of the Italian and international cinema. SIAE, with itscontribution, supported the publication of the book "Report - The market and the Film Industry in Italy".

Active reality for seven years as part of the artistic and professional training for young stage actors. The production of Live entertainment is targeted to the integration of his graduate students in the play. SIAE supports the school.

Festival organized by the Film Library in Bologna and supported by SIAE. The project, focused on the latest restoration techniques,has given new life to the classics, to the masterpieces in black and white, to the very rare films and documentaries.

The Film festival for children and teenagers, is promoted and organized by the Italian Film Library Foundation in Milan and the interactive museum of cinema. The program includes premieres, exhibitions, workshops and events. Thanks to the support of SIAE, school attendance was made accessible and free of charge to initiatives for young people.

Funded by MIUR and MIBACT, it is the only national institute for the training of actors and directors issuing a qualification at university level and that is part of Higher Education in Art and Music. SIAE dramaturgical Academy supports the activity through competitions and scholarships.

Also known as "Spoleto Festival", is an international event of music, art and entertainment.During the Festival, the recognition of SIAE "Stage Author" was awarded to the author chosen by a committee composed of Emma Dante, Piero Maccarinelli and Roberto Cavosi.

Initiative promoted by the Municipality of Milan and supported by SIAE with the aim of organizing cultural events and performancesduring the semester of Expo 2015. SIAE participates in the project in support of the planning and realization of showsmusic, theatre and the performing arts in order to highlight the richness of the Italian repertoire at the European level.In addition to the sponsorship a SIAE counter  is provided at the headquarters of the Municipality of Milan as well as a simplification of organizational procedures and allocation of author’s right .

Promotion of awareness-raising activities in relation to author’s right. The support of non-profit cultural initiatives, theenhancement of creativity and young artists are the main objectives of this project, carried out thanks to an agreement between the main City Hall in Rome and the SIAE.

Meeting between television producers and executives of major national broadcasters directors. During the event: comparisons on protection of author’s rights , on new forms of classification of television genres, on the transformation of a trade, such as the author, which is radically changed.

Festival organized by the Municipality of Tivoli with the contribution of MIBACT and support of SIAE, in collaboration with the archaeology Superintendence of Lazio and Southern Etruria, the Museums of Lazio, Villa D'Este, FAI and the CTS. Through theater, dance, music, the new languages of the stage the audience can live interactive experiences, in different disciplines, in the charming historic and archaeological sites.

Promoted by "Da Sud", an association that deals with the mafia and anti-mafia and pursues important activities to raise awareness of social justice, Restart, is an event that took place at the house of Jazz in Rome and was the occasion for theatrical performances,concerts and debates on the subject of the fight against the mafia.

The Italian Society of Authors and Publishers directed special attention to young authors. The initiative is directed to young authors ofworks belonging to the repertoires of music, cinema, theater, opera and ballet, literature, the visual arts and broadcasting works with the aim of encouraging the development of youth creativity.

The initiative includes free registration fees and annual fees are binding to SIAE for all young people up to the age of 30.

The communication took place through a press and online campaign and the activation of the mini-web site, through which the young authors can easily download all necessary forms required registration to SIAE. The site is designed to accommodate all future work with young people being adopted or planned.

The project was created thanks to an agreement between SIAE and Zetema, with the aim of creating an educational and social investment for the recovery of the territory, in the context of theatrical and cultural activities in which six Roman theaters located in territories traditionally considered "difficult," ie: the Theatre Library Quarticciolo, Teatro Tor Bella Monaca, the Lido Theatre Ostia, the Theatre of Villa Pamphili Stables Cottage Corsini, Elsa Morante Theatre and the Theatre of Villa Torlonia. In addition to the theatrical performances,creative workshops are planned aimed at soliciting the critical sensitivity of citizens and students. In line with the formation purpose of the project, entrance tickets to the shows have very reasonable prices and outside the market standards with the aim of encouraging the participation of young people, students and citizens with less availability.

The contribution of SIAE supports No'hma Theatre, Landmark in Milan for its multidisciplinary character, variety of languages and involvement in current affairs and social issues highlighted by an activity with cultural issues and interest by providing social events, trials, multimedia seminars,  exhibitions, and theatrical, artistic and musical performances.

it is the blueprint of the ROME Theatre, realized thanks to the contribution of SIAE, and addressed both to established or rising playwrights and writers making their debut in the theater. The goal of the initiative was to promote effectively the drafting of new scripts for the theater. The closing event included the creation of a choral work staged at the Theatre Argentina in Rome.

Exhibition of Italian music festival created in France by the Music for  Rome Foundation in collaboration with the Italian Embassy  in Paris, with the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MIUR-AFAM.The exhibition carried out also thanks to the contribution of the SIAE, provides a core of events in Paris, in collaboration with many partners including the Pompidou Center and the National Conservatory.
The objective is to foster the bilateral collaborations in the field of interpretation, composition and teaching to develop new projects in synergy.Involving the conservatives of different parts of Italy in respect and for the enhancement of the historical and artistic peculiarities of participating cities and regions. The project includes a series of concerts with Orchestras of the Conservatives and French National Regional, flanked by round tables.